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Start in Unterföhring as a rugby youth coach

Unterföhring, Oct. 2019. In the north of Munich, the Rugby Club Unterföhring (RCU) has grown rapidly since its founding in 2012: from 13 to 234 members in just seven years. Today, there are about 100 children and teenagers with trainings up to twice a week at the rugby field at Etzweg in Unterföhring. For them, RCU needs up to four coaches, starting as soon as possible. Interested parties who are already infected with rugby virus (or would like to be infected urgently), please contact Steve, board member of RCU at steve.kotza@rugby-unterfoehring.de, mobile: +49 (0)174-6003229.

Youth coaches: helping to shape tomorrow’s success today

For two trainings per week (Tuesday and Thursday, 6 pm) and some school workgroups in Unterföhring, RCU trainers will receive a trainer’s allowance. For more intense engagement, becoming a so-called “mini jobber” may be an option, the club is happy to discuss. The club will actively support everybody who needs to obtain or extend a rugby coaching license.

Working with the youngster is an important thing for the club as Steve points out. It guarantees growth and further success in the future: “What we recognize and nurture in the children and teenager teams will later help us expand our adult teams. Because one thing is clear: the 2nd German league should not be the end! “

As a “young club” already very successful

Not only the number of members, also the successful youth work and sporting successes across all age groups are more than impressive. Especially when you consider that there have been successful rugby clubs for decades in cities like Heidelberg, Frankfurt or Berlin!

For the third year in a row, RCU men’s team now plays in the 2nd German league. The youth teams U8 to U14 have secured league positions regularly in Bavaria as either Bavarian champions or runners-up for several years.

About the Rugby Club Unterföhring RCU

Founded in 2012 with 3 children and 13 men, today 165 active athletes between the ages of 5 and 49 belong to the club. In keeping with the tradition of international top-level rugby, everyone at RCU contributes to the values of fair play, respect, team spirit, discipline and fun in the game.

Players and their families from four continents – from all over Europe, Argentina, Australia to New Zealand and South Africa – are enthusiastically and passionately involved in the Unterföhring rugby community. They always give a warm welcome to all “newbies”, players and coaches. No matter in which language.


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Please contact Steve Kotza:

Mobile +49 (0)174-6003229